The most popular question that we have fielded recently is “What is Paracord used for.” Below is a nice, partial list of Paracord uses found at And thanks to for the image of the Paracord army men…another fine use…

Shelter ridge line
Tent guy out string
Boot laces
Arm sling
Fishing line
Dental floss
Snares and traps
Rock sling/staff sling
Gear repair
Luggage tags
Luggage handle
Security (door lock, tattle tail with bell)
Gun sling
Lashing cargo
Log pull
Pole lashing
Knife lanyard
Sandals, with a piece of tire
Dog collar
Dog leash
Sewing repairs
Hang food from a tree in bear country
Bow drill string
Fishing nets (with enough cord)
Wash cloth (woven together like a crocheted pot holder)